BloodSong EP

by Sound The Ruin

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Taylor Bates
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Taylor Bates heavy. raw. meaningful. trench shovel. Favorite track: White Noise.
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released June 16, 2014

Recorded and produced by Middle Coast Studios
additonal vocal recordings by Studio Novi

Special thanks to: Noah Bemont (backing vocals on Instrument), David Ritchie, Andrew Farland, Matt Smith, Eric Sanchez, Katrina Baril, Austin Duncan, and YOU.

©2014 Sound The Ruin. All rights reserved


all rights reserved



Sound The Ruin Colorado

Texas Chaos for a better world.

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Track Name: Blood
We've gone from
Exodus to building chariots with alms for the the poor
Jumping in line with the generations of the oppressed becoming the oppressors
Forcing our power on others in the name of peace
Lessons of history falling on deaf ears
Closing our eyes and (calling ourselves blind)
Our walls conjure violence
While our war calls bounce from the ceiling
Meanwhile the graves are shaking, screaming
Machiavellianism doesn't excuse an empire of greed
Killing doesn't end death
Bombs don’t bring peace
Don't forget that even bad men bleed
And cry out to brothers, sisters, fathers and sons
We were taught that two wrongs don't make a right
But in a history of violence
Resident evil has taken control
Drowning out the cries of the oppressed
Condemning the other side of the same coin
Desperate to douse out the flame
But using gasoline (we’re using gasoline)
We are all searching, but not all who search are lost
We are all searching, but not all who search are lost
With dead men's blood on our hands
We can still find forgiveness
With forgiveness, we can find peace
With peace there is an end to war
Blood for blood, They scream
But if we give it, it can never be taken (no it can never be taken)
We can change everything
Track Name: Song
Darkness closing in on me
A lighthouse clothed in shadows
A compass with no dial, no stars pointing me
Lost at sea, brokeness is all I see.
I’m torn up inside, the world has lost it's light
A tired record playing on repeat
Something isn’t right, (something isn’t right)
If you writhe in pain
(The world’s not as it should be)
You are not alone, you are not alone
We’re all trying to sing, but we’ve lost the tune
It’s a tired old song, teach us something new
we will sing a new song
we will see a new song
Theres a factory in all our hearts, and the fires burn us clean (burning)
We feed them with pain, and are confused at soot billowing
We’ve lost that the burning is what keeps it beating (keep beating)
Let us tell a new tale, one of hope
Gears grinding, the refiners fire bring us to life
We burn together, (we are not alone)
The fires burning, (give us hope)
Everything in us breaking,
Everything in us alive
The alchemist working,
Guiding us home
Making soot to gold
Brokeness, brings us together
Restoration makes us alive
As we sing a new song
A new world is beginning
Pass the torch
Light the beacons,
Refiners fire guides you home
Track Name: White Noise
Some sit on a pulpit of levity
A wolf in sheeps clothing
With a message of orthodoxy
Everything that they teach
Reflecting their own depravity
“Blessing” the world with their morality
Congratulations captain!
Report to duty for the moral police
You have made it very clear what to believe
But it seems dead without orthopraxy
So perfect, (at pointing the finger)
So blind, (to the log in your eye)
There is something better
Than screaming at the dark
We can’t fix anything by fixating on our “superiority”
All you need, is to turn on the light
It all starts with a spark
The light is so much more powerful than dark
Wake up to a better way
There is hope in humility
This may come off a little harsh
Maybe the point isn’t in being right
What was planted as a beautiful tree, We have polluted into a filthy machine
Ideologically supplying dogma won’t stop our generation from killing itself
Because we can preach on a stage and say we stand for something
But if we have not love, it is nothing but a gong clanging…
And my ears are ringing,
(My ears are ringing)
But the tides are changing
A symphony is playing
Drowing out the clanging
We are all the same
We are all seeking
We are all seeking something more
Track Name: Instrument
Believe in a better world
Born of love
Not born from the bullets of war
Born from the blood of sacrifice
Where there is hatred let me sow love
Instead of throwing molotovs at the fire
It’s in giving that we receive
It’s in pardoning that we are pardoned
and it’s in dying that we are born
There is hope
There is hope for a better world
Make me an instrument of thy peace
Tuned like a string for a symphony
The song of heaven waits
The song of heaven waits
Hope in Bb screams at full blast
Screaming like a black hole
What started as a tiny crack will tear open
To sing a new song, we’ll sing a new song
In him there is hope
Your kingdom come, your will be done
On earth as in heaven
Bring heaven hope
Every breath, your love
Break me.
Track Name: Alive
Crimson, everything crimson
Darkens to black, consumes me, and I feel dead
And there is a river
At the bottom of the deepest valley
Where death turns to life (Flowing)
Bringing hope in despair
There is a reminder of dusk
No matter how dark the night
(He still makes the sun rise)
Healing is more powerful than pain
Healing is more powerful than dying
This isn't the end
It's just the beginning
This isn't the end
It's just the beginning
Hope no matter what
I see a promise fulfilled
Hope no matter what
I see a world of love
Hope no matter what
A world set free
Hope no matter what
Enemies trading arms
Melting them down to turn into plows
Weapons becoming tools
Killing replaced with sacrifice
The end of death starts with life
The end of death starts with life
Everything alive
Everything singing
Our atoms resounding
With one voice
He is not just coming
He is here, the king has arrived
All that exists in joyful harmony
Everything is right
Bring down the wall
Everything old crumbling
Rebuild everything
Hope is victory

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